Heart's Desire Series (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

    I: Times Two
    (Slash, rated NC-17.)
    Sometimes a dream isn't just a dream. Sometimes it's a second chance.

Future Steps Series [direct link]

Back in May I joined Fandom High, an online multi-fandom rpg. I play Dean Winchester and there was also a Sam Winchester starting at the same time, played by celestialnature. She and I got together and came up with a back story to explain why the boys were sent to the school and to explain some peculiarities of the FH version of the characters.

I really like the back story we came up with and I've been mentally writing it up as a fic in my head since then. I figured it was about time I actually wrote it out. It's turned out longer than I had anticipated and there looks like there's going to be at least two more chapters to come. As well, there's a post Fandom High story that's partially written that I'll probably post as part of this series as well.

I don't think you need to know anything about the Fandom High 'verse to understand this; you can probably read it as the beginning of an AU.

    I: Step Into the Light
    (Rated G.)
    Being lost is easy. Being found is when things get complicated. Note: Dean is 15 in this fic.


Stand-alone Stories

    Words Unspoken
    (Rated G, spoilers for episode 15, The Benders.)
    Sometimes there's more said in the dark and the spaces between words than is actually spoken.

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