The Sentinel

Blind Trust
(J/B, rated NC-17. Mild bondage. First appeared in Come to Your Senses 8.)
Jim has problems letting go of control and Blair comes up with a unique therapy.


Clones Duology (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

Send in the Clones
(Slash, humor, J/B, rated G.)
Too much of a good thing.

(Slash, humor, J/B, rated G.)
Blair comes home and Something Is Not Right.


Light Duology [direct link]

Light At the End of the Tunnel
(Slash, J/B, rated G. Spoilers for Sentinel, Too, both parts.)
Blair discovers that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't always what you expect.

Guiding Light
(Slash, J/B, rated PG. Spoilers for Sentinel, Too, part 2.)
Jim and Blair talk.


The Push Series [direct link]

Pushed Too Far
(This is pre-slash J/B, rated G, spoilers for Remembrance.)
Blair pushes and Jim reacts.

Pushing Back
(Slash, J/B, rated PG, spoilers for Love Kills, very minor ones for Remembrance.)
Unable to keep his distance any longer, Blair pushes back.

Pushing Through the Demons
(J/B, rated NC-17.)
Jim helps Blair with some of his personal demons.

Push and Pull
(J/B, rated NC-17.)
A change in status highlights some of Jim's insecurities and helps Blair realize the give and take involved in their relationship.


Looking Glass Series [direct link]

Mirror, Mirror
(An NC-17 J/B PWP. My answer to the MMOM (Merry Month of Masturbation) challenge.)
It's all done with mirrors.

Guided Reflections
(NC-17 J/B PWP)
It's Jim's turn in front of the mirror.

Glass Ceiling
(NC-17 J/B PWP)
Jim's obsession with mirrors reaches new heights.


Paths of Destiny [direct link]
(Crossover with Stargate: SG-1)

Destiny's Bond
(AU - Blair/Enqueri. Rated NC-17.)
While on a routine mission with SG-14, Dr.Blair Sandburg encounters his destiny.

Destiny's Choice
(WIP. Blair/Enqueri, Jack/Daniel. Rated NC-17.)
An alien device changes Jack and Daniel's relationship.


Horses of Different Colours Series (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]
(Crossover with Houston Knights Centaur AU series.)

Single White Fillies: Part One | Single White Fillies: Part Two
(Rated NC-17)

Withers Thou Goest
(Rated NC-17)
Jim and Blair finally get a wedding.


Wolf n Gila's Radio Smut Show (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

(J/B, rated NC-17.)
Jim has a secret and Blair wants to find out what.

(J/B, rated PG.)
P.A.F. stands for Purple Alien Frogs but this didn't turn out to be silly. Blair has a secret which he fears may ruin everything.

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