Short Stories by Que Qiao

Blood Calls Out to Blood
This pair of bookend scenes comes from a concept I had for a space opera novel that I never got round to writing. Maybe one day I'll get back to it as I'm very fond of the characters I created.
NC-17. SF femslash, angst. 8,000 words.

Channel Crossing
I was re-reading Rictor Norton's invaluable book, Mother Clap's Molly House (The Gay Subculture in England 1700-1830), and the glimpses of tragic stories and lives made me ache. Presumptuously, I felt I had to give these people a voice. This is a bittersweet scene taken from bittersweet lives.
Many thanks to Janedavitt for the quick and efficient beta.
NC-17. Regency slash, angst. 3,800 words.

Just a Kiss Away
Michael and Lucifer talk at the Divide, the distance decreased by need to just a sin or two away.
Warning: This story features biblical characters. Do not read if that makes you uncomfortable.
A mild R. Angelic slash, angst. 2,300 words.

Of Course
Shapechanger erotica, decidedly influenced by Whitewolf's Werewolf and written an age ago now when I was new to writing. I have edited somewhat since. Included here for novelty value.
NC-17. Het. 2,300 words.

That Whiter Host
Many thanks to janedavitt for general wonderfulness. The title is from a poem by Emily Dickinson.
R. Regency slash, deep angst. 1,300 words.

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