"I know we're not particularly fond of each other, Rupert, but we are a couple of old mystics..."

Of Old Mystics
a Giles/Ethan exploration

Masks 38,000 words Giles rescues Ethan from the Initiative cell, and a healing process begins on many levels.
Smoke and Mirrors 83,000 words Giles and Ethan wrestle with issues of power and bonding.
Sleight of Hand 81,000 words Giles, Ethan and their allies find themselves fighting a war on two fronts.



142,000 words Giles and Ethan deal with issues of responsibility, duty, destiny and their own significance. This includes Five Gold Rings, the OOM Christmas special, which takes place between ch. 17 and 18 of Charades.

Curtain's Fall

229,500 words

The actors gather, the lines are memorised, and the production can now begin. It includes the epilogue to the entire series.


"...Relax. Enjoy the night. We're just a couple of sorcerers; the night is still our time. The time of magic."