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Single Stories

At Arm's Reach (Rated G. Giles and Spike, post "Lies My Parents Told Me.")
Spike gets uncomfortably close.

The Beginning - Giles (Rated G. Giles POV, pre-series.)
Giles takes a deep breath.

Beyond Eden (Rated PG. Wes/Gunn, Wes/Angel. Set during "Sacrifice." Written for the Wes Flashficathon.)
Some days I have to bury the very depths of me...

Breathing In the Night (Rated G. Xander/Spike.)
It's the little things.

Bunch of Lonesome Heroes (Rated PG-13. Gen: Angel, Wes. Post "Home." Written for the Angel Book of Days Summer 2003 challenge.) Angel misses his friends, and sets out to do something about it.

Cascade (Wes/Giles, post-Loyalty AU. Long; in two parts)
Co-written with James Walkswithwind. (website)
When Giles is injured, Wesley comes to stay. new

Choices (Rated PG-13. Angel/Wes. Ficlet. An AU look at "A Hole In The World.")
What if it had been Wes, instead of Fred?

Connection (Rated PG. Faith/Buffy. Post-BtVS.)
Faith pays a visit to Rome. new

December 1988 (Rated G. Xander/Willow friendship. Pre-series.)
The beginning of a tradition...

Even Spirit Guides Have Fantasies (Drabble. Rated PG. Doyle/Angel. Post Ats "Hero")
Doyle looks in. new

Gone Fishing (Rated PG-13. Spike/Giles, implied. Ficlet, no real spoilers.)
Two drunk Englishmen and a loch.

Guiding Spirit (Rated G. Gen: Rieff [the young Lister demon from Hero], Doyle. Post "Home." Written for the Angel Book of Days Autumn 2003 challenge.) Even in Paradise, Rieff is restless. He's not the only one.

Hand In Need (Rated NC-17. Giles/Ethan. Written for the Ethan Fic-a-Thon.) Sometimes you've just got to ask for a helping hand.

Hecate's Challenge (Rated PG. Gen: Giles, Doyle. Set during "Grave." Written for the Giles Fic-a-Thon.) Giles has to make a decision.

Human Touch (Rated R. Spike/Wes. Post Angel Season 4; Season 5 speculation. Written for the 1st Slashficathon.)
We all need it, some way or another.

If Wishes Were Demons (Rated PG. Anya and Giles - gen. BtVS Season 3, set just after Gingerbread -- written for the Back In The Day ficathon.)
An old saying passed through Anya's mind -- If wishes were horses....

    Wishes Unfulfilled (Rated PG. Anya/Giles. Set during Grave.)
    Anya rethinks some old thoughts.

Journey to Neverland (Rated PG for now. Spike/Xander, complete AU, for the Fractured Fairytales Ficathon)
Xander was six the first time Spike flew into his life. new WIP

Know Better (Rated G. Wesley POV, A:ts Season 3. Ish.)
He ought to, by now.

One of the Crowd (Rated G. Xander/Gwen Post BtVS S7 and A:ts S4. Written for the 2nd Flashficathon.)
Xander's just an ordinary guy. Except not.

Of Rain and Marshmallows (Rated NC-17. Giles/Xander. BtVS Season 6. AU post "Tabula Rasa.")
On a stormy night in Bath, Giles finds a unexpected visitor on his doorstep. WIP

Point of View (Rated PG-13. Xander/Giles Post BtVS S7. Written for the Giles/Xander ficathon.)
Sometimes what you see depends on how you look at it.

Presence (Drabble. Rated PG. Cordy/Doyle. Post Ats "You're Welcome")
Knowing makes it easier. new

Real (Rated G. Spike/Dawn. Post/during AtS Season 5.)
Spike and Dawn share a moment.

Reconnecting (Rated PG. Giles and Buffy - gen. BtVS Season 3. Missing scene from Revelations -- written for the Back In The Day ficathon.)
He was her Watcher. She was his Slayer.

Shattered Image (Rated PG. Gunn/Wesley. A:ts Season 3. AU post "The Price.")
What's been bothering Gunn.

Touched (Drabble. Rated R. Ethan/Giles.)
Ethan ached to be touched. new

Unconditional Love (Rated [light] NC-17. Buffy/Dawn. Post "The Gift." For Secret Slasha 2002.)
Dawn watches and wants.

Wheels (Rated G. Amy/Willow, sorta. Spoilers through BtVS "Smashed." Written for the 2nd Flashficathon.)
Welcome to the rat race.




All The Wrong Places (hosted off-site) ~ Co-written with WesleysGirl. (website) WIP

    (Rated NC-17. Angel/Doyle Post-Angel Season 4.)
    This is a co-written series of in-character email, chat, and stories. It's as much an RPG as anything else.


Light Amidst the Ashes [link]

  1. Lost in the Dark (Rated G. Wesley/Gunn Preslash. A:ts Season 3. Set after "Sleep Tight.")
    Wesley's thoughts in the darkness.

  2. The Consequences of Survival (Rated PG. Wesley/Gunn. A:ts Season 3. AU after "Sleep Tight.")
    Returning to the world has its burdens, and its rewards. WIP


A Million Miles Away ~ Co-written with The Brat Queen (website) WIP [link]

  1. Start Again (Rated PG-13. Angel/Wesley. A:ts Season 3 AU.)
    What if Sleep Tight had happened just a little bit differently?

  2. Settling In (Rated PG-13. Angel/Wesley. A:ts Season 3 AU.)
    Angel and Wesley try to find a new home.

  3. Baby Steps (Rated PG-13. Angel/Wesley. A:ts Season 3 AU.)
    Angel and Wes find they have unexpected definitions of the word 'family'.

  4. Where the Heart Is (Rated NC-17. Angel/Wesley. A:ts Season 3 AU.)
    Angel realizes there's more to his new life with Wesley than he originally thought.

  5. Bedtime Story (Rated PG. Angel/Wesley. A:ts Season 3 AU.)
    Angel and Wes enjoy a semi-quiet night together.



Of Old Mystics ~ Co-written with Magpie (website)

(Rated NC-17. Giles/Ethan. BtVS post-series. Complete, and very long.) Giles rescues Ethan from an Initiative cell. While dealing with their shared past and a turbulent present, they discover a future neither of them could ever have imagined.


    Metaphor Pie (Rated PG)
    Of Old Mystics interlude, by Wolfling.


Paving Stones ~ Co-written with Mad Poetess (website) [link]

    Company in Hell
    (Rated NC-17. Spike/Giles. BtVS Season 6 AU. Set during "Bargaining.")
    Misery loves company. Maybe that's all it is.

    Good Intentions
    (Rated NC-17. Spike/Giles. BtVS Season 6 AU. Set during "Bargaining.")
    Giles asked for a reason to stay; he gets more than he bargained for.

    (Rated NC-17. Spike/Giles. BtVS Season 6 AU. PWP)
    Spike wants the deluxe model, with bagel slicer.

    No Way in Hell
    (Rated NC-17. Spike/Giles. BtVS Season 6 AU. Falls in place of "Older and Far Away")
    Giles loses it. Spike finds it.


Sands of Time (hosted off-site) ~ Co-written with James Walkswithwind. (website) WIP

    (Rated NC-17. Xander/Spike, Xander/Giles UST. BtVS AU, late Season 1 onward.)
    Xander finds a new home with Giles, and a new relationship with Spike.

    (Series is a WIP; several long stories are completed.)


Sub Rosa [link]

  1. The Plan (Rated G. Wesley/Angel. A:ts Season 3. Set after "Double or Nothing.")
    Angel makes an offer Wesley can't refuse...

  2. Resolve (Rated G. Wesley/Angel. A:ts Season 3. Set after "The Price.")
    Wesley contemplates the decisions he's made.

  3. Reconnecting (Rated G. Wesley/Angel. A:ts Season 3. Set after "A New World.")
    Wesley tells Angel something he needs to hear, and Angel returns the favour.


Unity [link]

(Rated NC-17. Wes/Angel. BtVS/Ats post-apocalyptic AU. Ongoing, posted in chapters.) In the ruins of Los Angeles, Angel meets a lone human in the library, and Wesley learns that there may be a place that's something like a home, after all. new


Shades of Grey Awards, Round 9 - Best Slash Series - Of Old Mystics Bodice Ripper Awards Round 2 - Best Slash - Paving Stones

Linoleum Awards - Best Friendship - Sandy Places in the Heart

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