See the lovely men in the illustration above? They do not, alas, belong to Wolfling. Wolfling does not own the actors who portray the characters she writes about; they are independant agents, free to roam the world engendering lust fannish appreciation whither they will. Far more tragically, Wolfling does not own the characters themselves. They belong to Joss Whedon and the folks at Mutant Enemy Productions and FOX et al. The stories here are written without the permission of the copyright holders, purely for entertainment purposes. Wolfling intends no infringement or disrespect, and makes no profit. None. Whatsoever. Except when people send her chocolate, but that's not profit, it's lurve. Chocolate lurve.

Original graphic (promo and screencap) sources for manipulated site designs include: Romance on BtVS,, YesWes, Much Ado About BtVS, Flights of Angel, the now-defunct, and many of the additional sources listed here.

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